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One of the obligatory pillars of the Hajj, without which it will not be considered valid, is prayer standing in the valley of Arafat. As said by the Messenger of Allah: "Hajj is Arafat." On the day of Arafat, pilgrims who have arrived for Hajj or Umrah gather on Arafat. There they will have to stand from sunrise to sunset. In Islam, the day of Arafat is considered the best of all days. In the collection of Muslim "Sahih" you can find a hadith from Aisha that the prophet said: "There is no day like the day of Arafat, in which Allah frees His slave from the fire so much. And the Almighty, descending to the nearest heaven, boasts to His angels, saying: "What do these (My slaves) want?". For pilgrims, it is desirable to stop near the Namir Mosque before the onset of the Zuhr prayer, if there is such an opportunity. During this prayer, it is necessary to read one azan and two ikamat. It is important to know that ikamat must be pronounced before the beginning of absolutely every obligatory prayer. After that, the imam will read a sermon in which he instructs the Muslims who have come to him and performs zuhr and asr prayer together with them. Moreover, he unites them, reducing each namaz to two raka'ats. Exactly as it was done by the prophet. It is also possible to perform additional prayers, but this is done exclusively at will. It is important for a pilgrim to pay attention to one important nuance. The fact is that part of the mosque is located outside Mount Arafat, so it is extremely important to make sure that during prayer it is located exactly in the part that is located on the mountain. It is reported that 'Urwa ibn Mudarris, may Allah Almighty be pleased with him, said that the Messenger of Allah (S.A.U.) said: "Who was present at our prayer in Muzdalif and stood with us until we set off, and even earlier stood in the Arafat Valley during the day or at night, he performed the Hajj and performed its rites." (Ahmad, Abu Dawud, at-Tirmizi, an-Nasai and Ibn Maja) Those who have started to perform this pillar of Hajj should know several important features:
  • On the day of Araf, it is extremely important for a pilgrim to be on the territory of the mountain from the moment the sun rises until its sunset;
  • The eastern part of the Namir Mosque is located outside the territory of Mount Arafat. It is extremely important for a pilgrim to remember this and make sure to stay on the mountain. The signs on the territory of the mosque will help in this.
  • The Day of Araf is the most important day of the Hajj, therefore it is extremely important to avoid any mistakes in the implementation of the rituals in order to exclude the possibility of depriving oneself of retribution for passing the Hajj.
  • You cannot leave Arafat before sunset. This is forbidden because it contradicts the actions of the prophet (S.A.U.);
  • It is not allowed to create a crush and crush with the use of force in order to climb Mount Arafat (Jabal al-Rahmah) and reach the top, wipe stones in order to receive blessings and perform prayer on the top of the mountain.
  • A big mistake is the direction of the face towards Mount Arafat during du'a.